Our High Pressure Process Equipment Division (PED) specializes in high-pressure equipment (pumps, valves, piping, etc.) and services for all types of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas process equipment requiring positive pressure applications.

We accommodate pressure ranges from 100 to 208,000 psi and flow ranges from 0.0003 to 1,400 gallons/min, from individual small metering pumps to large 3,000 horsepower plunger pumps. Positive displacement, metering gear, diaphragm, and plunger type pumps are available.

From liquids to gases and for applications including LDPE, Urea, Melamine, carbamate, ammonia, heavy oil, bitumen, toxic and non-toxic mediums; for gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon, ethylene, NF3, hydrosulphide, chlorine gas, oxygen, monosilan etc., the PED serves a wide range of industries.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements in detail.