Chemac Inc.’s High Pressure Sealing and Equipment Division is focused on quality sealing products and solutions for difficult to seal applications. Products include packing, compensators, and a full range of static gaskets (Kammprofile, lens ring, weld ring, spiral wounds, etc), and handwheels.

Gaskets include, soft material, metal/soft, PTFE envelope, metal, cover, and special gaskets.

Packing includes a wide range of packing materials for high pressure and temperature applications.

Compensators include, fabric, rubber, lining joint seals Reaflex and Reatex compensators.

Chemac Inc. offers stocking locations for Kempchen and custom solutions for sealing equipment needs.

Contact us for more information. Upon request, we also offer other brands of sealing equipment.

Kempchen Compensators

Rubber Compensators With pressure-proof cord inserts for the whole of industry to compensate expansions and to reduce noise and vibration transmission. Also in a braced…
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Kempchen Gaskets

Metal/Soft Material Gaskets Metal/Soft material gaskets are combinations made of suitable metals connected with graphite, PTFE, rubber or even heat-resistant cords, wovens and braids. Advantage:…
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Chemac Inc. offers a variety of industrial handwheels for all applications. We welcome you to contact us for complete details and specifications.Read More →
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Kempchen Packings

Kempchen Packings For dynamic and static applications and made of high-grade synthetic yarns such as Kevlar or Twaron, GFO, PTFE, yarns made of expanded graphite,…
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Kempchen PTFE/Rubber Products

Kempchen PTFE Products The Kempchen range of plastic products at a glance: Gaskets Piston rings Guide belts Guide rings Control floats V-packing rings Solid O-rings…
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